The majority of our collection is locked away in storage. Our aim is to build a museum, a storytelling space where people can come and learn from these amazing materials and objects.

The Mowanjum New Museum initiative is a long-term project that aims to activate unused museum space to display and promote the Mowanjum Community Collection. The project aims to use material from the Mowanjum Collection to create fresh educational experiences, incorporating interactive and audio-visual material to explore storytelling in new ways.

Law and culture is written onto rock surfaces, with rock art mapping cultural events, dreamtime stories, law, culture and messages that still carry intense weight in contemporary times. Mowanjum recognises an existing gap in public educational resources and with this project, aims to clarify the link between rock art, contemporary lifestyle and art production. Additionally, Aboriginal people see preservation and education of their ancient culture as being extremely important to their daily and future lives.

The Mowanjum Collection team and community advisors have identified six overarching themes for this museum: Songs on Country, Art and Country, Community Leaders, Dreamtime Stories, Living on Country and Kinship on Country.

If you would like to support the Mowanjum Museum Project there are many ways to contribute, either through volunteering or donations. Please contact archive@mowanjumarts for more information.


Wurnan Storylines is a community managed online database which adheres to cultural protocols and supports a range of media types. Wurnan Storylines supported by the State Library of Western Australia and powered by Keeping Culture software.

Storylines is a special tool which enables people to reconnect with their family and community stories. The database allows community members to engage with archived cultural material and supports intergenerational knowledge transmission, youth engagement programs and cultural production services.

The power of rediscovering personal historical information positively affects peoples wellbeing and contributes to cultural vibrancy.

Storylines will become a central point for Aboriginal people, and a safe place to store records of people, place and history.

Storylines is accessible to Mowanjum Community members and people from related homelands via access points located at Mowanjum Art Centre and the Community Resource Centre. This tool is not available for personal or academic research unless you are from the Ngarinyin, Worrorra or Wunambal language groups.